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Modern Warfare Title Update January 4th Detail Notes

Posted by iTarget Designs on January 4, 2012 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (387)

Modern Warfare 3 is considered as one of the top games in the market since it was released. Despite that, Modern Warfare 3 has its share of glitches and lags and this is something that the developers are trying to fix through the release of these new updates.


Infinity Ward, the developer for Modern Warfare 3 recently announced new updates for the popular game in order to fix the "glitches" that players are experiencing when playing the game. Most of the updates that were released recently focused on the hitching and lag in gameplay. There were also updates that were used to address further lag, fix for melee jump, the remove buttons from clan tags, host migration logic, and to prevent stat loss whenever players loses their connection from the server.

Here is the released list of these new updates:

No Recoil glitch

Infinite Laptop killstreak glitch (Stealth Bomber Glitch)

Map Exploits (Getting into trucks, under maps)

FixPrevent Slow-mo and Super Fast lobbies

Fire rate normalization for Assault Rifles with undermountsFMG9

Re-balancing (Nerf)

Akimbo FMG9 Re-balancing (Nerf)

Type95 Re-balancing (Nerf) -

Reduce hipspread.Fix for ACR with Red Dot / Shotgun

Fix Type 95 bug related to dropping it.

Fix map exploits on Dome

PS3Hitmarker Sound

Adjust direct impact damage a Semtex does to a Juggernaut (No longer 1 hit kill)

Improvements to "weighted matchmaking" to improve games for regions with low populations.

This is not the first time that updates have been released for this game but the consistency of these glitches prompted people to question the developer behind Modern Warfare 3. Some players were concerned that the games that are released are not 100% complete when it is officially released in the market. Though that is the case, the developers of this game are consistent when it comes to releasing updates in order to fix the glitches in the game. In fact, the developers also featured a list of the issues that the company is currently focusing on.


How to unlock liquid green weapon skins in Gears of War 3!

Posted by iTarget Designs on December 28, 2011 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (183)


Gears of War and Jack in the Box teamed up to present to you some fancy animated skins for your Gears of War 3 arsenal.  The “Green Liquid Skin Pack” gives your weapon a nice animated liquid look that will make your enemies jealous… and more prone to targeting you just to steal your weapon.

How do you get in on this skin pack?  Depending on your luck, you might have to take several trips to Jack in the Box.  Simply buy a Large Drink (or a Large Combo that comes with said Large Drink) and redeem the code on the cup at JacksGotGame.com.  Upon doing that, you “may” get a redemption code to the Green Liquid Skin Pack, you may not.  You might end up with something better than a Green Liquid Skin Pack for Gears of War 3, you might get a fancy GameStop Gift Card.

Unfortunately, Jack in the Box is not everywhere in the US.  What can you do about that?  Well, if you have a Facebook, you can get a free code for the promotion by going to Jack in the Box’s Facebook Account.  This code needs to also be redeemed in the JacksGotGame.com website.

Of course, you can bug people elsewhere to try to get the code for you.

Update: It seems that the Facebook page is out of codes due to the high demands.  Now’s the time to bug some people near a Jack in the Box to hook you up with a code… *sips on his Jack in the Box cup*

Update 2: You can buy the Liquid Green skin off of the Xbox Marketplace starting January 3rd:

Now that you know how to unlock the green skins, check out the menus to the left to find out how iTargets have helped over 10,000 gamers around the world double their kills!


Modern Warfare 3 DLC announced for January 24th! Elite members get priority access...

Posted by iTarget Designs on December 28, 2011 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (8)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 broke all sorts of sales records when it was released back in November and now the first DLC details for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC shooter was revealed on Wednesday. Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers will get it first but who gets what when will be a test of communication for for Activision and Infinity Ward and patience for gamers.

Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers will get the DLC first on January 24. However, it appears that Xbox 360 owners that pay money for Elite will get it first and then Playstation 3 owners. This is due to a business arrangement between Activision and Microsoft that guarantees Call of Duty DLC on the Xbox first by at least a month. There's also the issue with Call of Duty Elite not being available for the PC.

How this affects the DLC release schedule is unknown at this moment but it could potentially look something like this.

Jan. 24 - Xbox 360 Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers

Jan. 31 - Xbox 360 non-Elite premium subscribers

Feb. 21 - PS3 Call of Duty Elite premium  subscribers

Feb. 28 - PS3 non-Elite premium  subscribers and PC users

What isn't currently known is the lag time between when the DLC is released to Elite premium subscribers and non-Elite premium subscribers. Activision isn't revealing any details except for the January 24 date. So, that week's worth of time between Elite premium and non-premium could be larger (or smaller) than a week when all is said and done.

If you're interested in getting the DLC maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you're probably better off purchasing Elite anyways. It's $50 a year and map packs for Call of Duty cost $15 each. The three map packs plus additional features matches the $50 subscription easily. PC players are left holding the bag though.



Gears of War 3 to debut new DLC "Fenix Rising" on January 17th!

Posted by iTarget Designs on December 22, 2011 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (59)


“Gears of War 3″ Kicks off the New Year in Explosive Fashion with “Fenix Rising” Map Pack Featuring New Experience System Available Jan. 17


Action-packed game add-on for the highest-rated shooter of 2011[1] introduces five new maps, four character skins, and a system that lets players “Re-up” through level 100 to unlock exclusive weapon skins

On Jan. 17, the battle for Sera rages on as Microsoft and Epic mark the New Year with the release of “Fenix Rising,” the third major game add-on for the most critically-acclaimed shooter of 2011, “Gears of War 3.” Featuring five spectacular new multiplayer maps inspired by significant locales in the “Gears of War 3″ campaign, “Fenix Rising” also introduces four new character skins and a new system that allows players to rank up through level 100 multiple times to unlock exclusive emblems and weapon skins.

With the purchase of the add-on, players who attain level 100 will have a choice to “Re-up” for another tour of duty to showcase their valor and dedication as elite “Gears of War” fans. Their experience and rank will be reset, but all other progression (including TrueSkill rating) will remain intact. Players can “Re-up” up to three times, earning a new rank icon color each time: Bronze (default level 100), Red, Green and Gold. Each “Re-up” level after Bronze also awards the player an exclusive, custom weapon skin that cannot be obtained by any other means:

Re-Up Plasma – Animated flowing plasma in gold.

Re-Up Omen – Shiny, red Omen.

Re-Up Electric – Animated, golden electric shocks.

Available on Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft Points or included as part of the “Gears of War 3″ Season Pass, “Fenix Rising” expands the multiplayer battlefield with an arsenal of stunning maps that deliver endless hours of frenetic online action across Versus Multiplayer, Horde and Beast Mode:

· Academy –The lineage of the Fenix family can be traced back along a distinguished line of military officers. Officer training at the Oracle Academy was simply the expected path for Marcus, and he had visited the grounds many times in expectation that he would walk the same path as his ancestors. But it was not to be, and Marcus broke with tradition to be with his best friends Dom and Carlos. Like any number of fine Seran traditions, the Academy is now lost to the invasion of the Locust Horde.

· Anvil – The fortress of Anvegad was called Anvil Gate because its impenetrable walls were forged in the fires of war. Huge cannons sat atop battlements that guarded sprawling walls running the line of the UIR borders. Marcus went there to find Hoffman, and they both thought that Anvil Gate would offer protection from the incoming forces of Locust and Lambent. They were wrong, and little remains other than the ruined shell of a once mighty fortress.

· Depths – The excessive opulence of Azura defied all normal reasoning. But Adam Fenix could see the cracks in the veneer of splendor from the moment he arrived at this underwater processing center. And all that beauty mattered not at all once he was held captive by the Locust. Out of options, he had to find a way to contact Marcus, and finally reveal the truths he’d been keeping to himself for all these many years.

· Escalation – Haldane Hall has been the home of the Fenix family for countless generations. But the only history that matters to Marcus’s are his memories of warm summer evenings spent with his mother, Elain, relaxing in the estate’s gardens. Sadly, all the estate’s history and beauty was lost when the Locust destroyed it in an attempt to kidnap his father.

· The Slab – Convicted for insubordination and treason, Marcus was incarcerated in Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. Known as “The Slab”, this prison is not a correctional facility – it’s a place where Sera’s worst offenders are locked up and forgotten. The inmates are brutal, parole is not an option, and the average life expectancy is about two years. But that was before the Locust showed up, and what couldn’t get worse, suddenly did. Now your life expectancy there is around 2 minutes.

Additionally, players who purchase “Fenix Rising” will gain access to the following character skins for use in Versus Multiplayer and Horde Mode (if COG):

· COG:

o Recruit Clayton – Clayton was born a Gear, grew up a Gear, and on the very day he became eligible, he signed himself up to become the capable, confident, and devoted Gear he’d always known he could be.

o Thrashball Cole (Limited Edition) – The Cole Train prefers to take the most direct path to the Locust Horde in any situation. What he lacks in finesse, he makes up in raw energy.

· Locust:

o Savage Marauder – Locust Marauders were the first to form any sort of organization outside of the Hollow – if their brutal infighting and bloodthirsty raiding parties could truly be called organized.

o Savage Kantus (Limited Edition) – The Savage Kantus were profoundly impacted by the loss of the Hollow. They have reverted to a primal, shamanistic state, and their battle cries have taken a dark, melancholy turn. Few sounds are as terrifying to human ears.

Players can obtain “Fenix Rising” and all the previously released add-on content for “Gears of War 3,” including “RAAM’s Shadow” and the “Horde Command Pack,” and secure access to one more upcoming game add-on by purchasing the “Gears of War 3″ Season Pass for 2400 Microsoft Points, which entitles them to the first four game add-ons for a total discount of 33 percent.



iTarget / Cut-N-Kill Screen Target Review

Posted by iTarget Designs on November 24, 2011 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (69)

iTarget Screen Target / Cut-N-Kill Screen Targets Review

First look: iTarget Screen Targets

December 21, 2011

I must say, when I was first contacted by iTarget to reviewtheir product…the whole concept of improving my game play using “ScreenCrosshair Decals” seemed very unbelievable and far-fetched.

However, I am pleasantly surprised by the usefulness of thisproduct, and the general quality and thought that went into designing thisproduct. 

I was sent two different products to try: the iTarget “AllFront Collection”, which is 16 targets in 4 different designs and 4 differentsizes: 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 2.5 inch…and the Cut-N-Kill 9 pack, whichis nine 1” targets in a wide variety of designs.

First, I decided to try out the iTarget “All FrontCollection”.  iTarget custom sizes theirtargets for a variety of screen sizes.  Isee now why they do this.  On my preferredTV, my 55” Samsung LED HDTV, the 2” and 2.5” size targets were perfect.  I decided to play some Gears of War 3.  I was interested to see how this wouldenhance my gameplay with the Gnasher shotgun since hipfire is the name of my gameat close range.   I selected the “hot box”target…a square target with red and grey. To set up the targets in the properposition on screen, I walked up to a wall and hipfired to lay some pellets intothe wall.  This left a nice pattern toplace my target over.  You only do thiswith the gnasher, since it does not hipfire where the crosshairs line up.  If you prefer hard aiming, try the targets overthe crosshair.

Ok so on to battle. The iTarget take a little getting used to at first.  They are neither obstructive nor unnoticeable…rathera nice blend of “I see them when I need to, but forget their there when I don’tneed them”.  When in roadie run, theykept tucked under my character on screen, but once out of roadie, the crosshairappears perfectly in the hipfire location of the gnasher.  I bounced around a lot the first few games indifferent scenarios trying different techniques to see what worked best.  Ultimately, I found that in close to mediumrange battles, the benefit of the crosshair is HUGE.  I’ve become a bit of a “wall-bouncer” latelyin Gears of War, and this is an unbelievable mod for this technique.  The wall-bounching technique combined with anin-game crosshair is easily the best way to learn, and master thistechnique.  If you are just a casualgamer and wants to step up their gnasher accuracy, this works equally well injuke side to side shotgun battles.

I then decided to try some of the other designs with thelancer and hammerburst.  This time, I zoomedmy weapon, placed the target over the crosshair, and released my zoom.  I found this to also be a great advantagewhen in close range “wall cover” stand offs. You can line up your shot first before pressing zoom.  Once you zoom, you come out of cover andusually are more likely to take damage. 

I picked up a sniper rifle once or twice, but had no successwith any headshots.  I could see this tohelp with this weapon too, but didn’t have the time to try it.

The Cut-N-Kill targets are very similar but smaller.  I’d say these are great up to about a 32” TV,maybe bigger if you sit close to the TV. They are easy to cut out and place in the same manner as the iTargets.  They come in a variety of styles andcolors.  The color schemes are great fordifferent backgrounds and lighting.  Redtargets work well in pretty much all situations, including bluish night scenesand and natural grassy maps but then a blue or green target works well in snowand industrial setting.  So choosewisely.

I should also note that you could layer two smaller targetsto have one crosshair for each type of weapon at the same time on screen.  This technique works with any of the targetsespecially on gears of war.

Removal of the targets is simple, I just slid the backingpaper under the edge of the target to reveal the edge and it easily peeledoff.  I shut off my screen to check forany residue and the only thing left behind was my fingerprints from clumsilytouching my screen during the application process.  The targets left nothing behind.  I placed them back on the backing paper andinto the baggie supplied.  Simple.

Than being said I have one small criticism of this productthat is easily corrected by us at home. It was hard to line up the targets so no edge was exposed when placingthem back on the paper for storage.  Isuggest simply cutting a small edge off a corner of the target (there is asmall amount of negative space around the targets you can do this with and notdisturb the design).  It is easy now toline up the target edge on the backing paper.

In conclusion, I must say the iTarget Screen Targets are a surprisepositive experience for me.  For under$10.00 you can pick these up and at least give them a try…I mean I spent $20.00on weapon skins off eBay last week that I don’t think anyone but me cares about…so$10.00 to potentially increase my skill is well worth the investment IMO.  If they don’t work for you, you can alwaysuse them as decorative decal for your controller, console, iPod or schoolnotebook or binder.


Have fun,





Epic Reveals More Weapon skins and achievements for Gears of War 3!

Posted by iTarget Designs on September 7, 2011 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (154)

Epic Games is going a little weapon skin crazy with Gears of War 3 with multiple unlockable weapons skins. Epic's Rod Fergusson previously revealed the details on how to get the golden weapons in the game and he is back with more information on how to get even more.

Fergusson said that Epic wanted to have at least one set of unlockable weapons skins for Gears of War 3 that would be relatively easy to get compared to some of the others. With that in mind, they came up with Chrome skin set and here is how you can earn those.


Chrome Lancer - Unlocked by earning the Don't Hate the Player Gears 1 Achievement. Finish with the highest points in a ranked match.Chrome Hammerburst - Unlocked by earning the Dirty Dirty Horde Gears 2 Achievement. Survive the first 10 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map).Chrome Retro Lancer - Unlocked by earning the Domination Gears 1 Achievement. Complete 10 different co-op chapters as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty.Chrome Gnasher - Unlocked by completing the Gears 1, 2 and 3 campaigns. Could be done on Casual difficulty.Chrome Sawed-off - Unlocked by earning any achievement in Gears of War for the PC. Advertisement For the baddest of badasses, Epic is also including an Onyx weapon skin. Onyx is the highest medal unlock in the game. Getting 6,000 kills with any of the five starter weapons unlocks not only the Onyx medal for that weapon but also an Onyx skin for the weapon.

Reaching level 100 in Gears of War 3 will unlock the Gold Omen skin which is a mix of gold coloring with crimson highlights.

Epic Games also has something planned for the Liquid Green skin that Microsoft testers had in beta. It will reappear as special marketing promotion for Gears of War 3 but Epic hasn't decided on what it is they are doing for the promotion yet. The weapon skin will be available for something though with an announcement coming soon.

Gears of War 3 is scheduled to hit the Xbox 360 exclusively on September 20.

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Continue reading on Examiner.com Epic details Chrome, Onyx and Gold Omen weapon skins for Gears of War 3 - National Console Gaming | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/console-gaming-in-national/epic-details-chrome-onyx-and-gold-omen-weapon-skins-for-gears-of-war-3#ixzz1XIedJsD6


iTarget Exclusive: Gears of War 3 Q+A From Rod Fergusson!

Posted by iTarget Designs on September 7, 2011 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (156)

Epic's Rod Fergusson took to the internet to make a couple of announcements for Gears of War 3 weapon skins and answer a bunch of questions from fans. We've already covered the weapon skins and now lets find out the answers to the questions that covers rare weapon skins, the Season Pass and what it was like for Fergusson to cut the cake with Cliff Bleszinski.


Can you use Mutators in Private Matches?

 No. Mutators are limited to Arcade and Horde. There will be a subset of mutators for special events that Epic will control though like the Big Head mutator in the beta though.

Does the Veteran Gear achievement need a timestamp?


What will be the rarest skin?

Golden Omen. Fergusson doesn't know how many people will be able to reach Level 100 to unlock it. The Liquid Green skin may be rare too depending on the marketing promotion they announce. The Gold Gnasher could be the rarest too.

Advertisement Will the Season Pass be available at 12:01 a.m. on September 20?

Fergusson thinks so but Xbox LIVE typically uploads new content at 2 a.m. PST/5 a.m. EST. However, it could be loaded up the day before so that it is available immediately when the game is released.

How long will the Season Pass be available

The season pass is not limited in time. You can wait and pick it up at a later date.

What are the starting default multiplayer characters?

Marcus, Dom, Anya, Cole and Baird for C.O.G. and Savage Grenadier, Savage Drone, Myrrah, Drone, Sniper for Locust.

When will the DLC details be announced?


As we get closer to release. The first one will come in December.

If one person dies in 4 player camapaign does it affect everyone else?

Yes for Story Mode (No man left behind). You'll have to reload at the last checkpoint. Not for Arcade Mode though. Individual(s) that died respawn when the current battle is finished so people will respawn on the fly.

Do Planted or dropped Boomshields disappear between waves like in Gears 2?

Yes. You'll have to manage them in between waves during the 20 second deployment phase. Epic can't leave every weapon that gets dropped on the ground for performance reasons.

What are the maximum carry quantities for the grenade types in Horde?

2 for all grenade types.

How many Silverbacks can be used at once during Horde?

There are only two available for purchase on any map.

How many Medals were added after the beta?

Several new Ribbons but no new Medals. Epic did change the names, requirements and rewards for some of the Medals. The example Fergusson used said one of the Medals may be achieved with a million experience points but you only get 5,000 experience points as a reward. That wasn't very much so Epic changed it to try and tie it closer to where the player is at in the game.

Do you need to keep your Gears 3 beta save after they load up Gears of War 3?

No. But make sure you point to the storage device that you are using when you fire up Gears of War 3.

What kind of emotions did you have when you were holding Cliff [Bleszinski] between your arms cutting the cake?


"Awkward." Fergusson goes on with a kind of rambling discussion about cutting the cake and Bleszinksi making an "orgasm face" that he says was supposed to be a disgusted face. Check the full video in our video gallery for this bit.

Are there any plans for Gears of war 3 EXP events?

Lot's of crazy stuff. Turn on Mutators for stuff like Big Head mode and XP events. Everything will be on the in-game calendar so you can see the next four or five events inside Gears of War 3.

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Continue reading on Examiner.com Epic Games answers a bunch of fan questions for Gears of War 3 - National Console Gaming | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/console-gaming-in-national/epic-games-answers-a-bunch-of-fan-questions-for-gears-of-war-3#ixzz1XIeAe8vY


How to unlock Gold Gnasher Shotgun, Golden Sawed Off Shotgun, Gold Lancer and Hammerburst in Gears of War 3!

Posted by iTarget Designs on August 24, 2011 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (1402)



Good news for fellow gear heads and iTarget Screen Target users...

EPIC games has announced ways to permanently unlock your gold in Gears 3!  See below...

Gold Gnasher- Have "Veteran Gear" achievement from GOW2

Gold Sawed Off- Beat all acts of Campaign on Insane difficulty in Gears of War 1.

Gold Lancer- Play one match of multiplayer in Gears of War 3 while signed into XBOX live the week of September 20th.

Gold Hammerburst- Play one match of multiplayer in Gears of War 3 while signed into XBOX live the week of September 20th.

Now pick up some iTarget Screen Targets and go out and


Gears of War 3 Veteran Gear Achievement Unlock Reward Announced!

Posted by iTarget Designs on August 17, 2011 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (89)

All those Veteran Gears in Gears of War 2 will receive a special bonus in-game content when Gears of War 3 releases on 9/20!

Epic Games Inc announced over the weekend that the reward will be a Golden Gnasher Shotgun for all Veteran Gears!  This is exclusive to Veteran Gears from Gears 2...as long as you unlock "Veteran Gear" before 9/20 you will be granted the gold.  It will not be unlockable after release date.

Also announced, the golden lancer and hammerburst will be available to all for permanent unlock by those whom play the online multiplayer during the release week of 9/20.

Additionally, the golden sawed off shot gun will be given to those whom beat Gears of War 1 on Insane difficultly.

Sounds like the perfect time to pick up some iTargets and get out there to rack up the KILLS before 9/20!  


Check back here for more info on Gears of War 3 and it's release!

iTarget fills is 5000th order!

Posted by iTarget Designs on March 12, 2011 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (82)

Just 5 months after is inception, iTarget Screen Targets has filled our 5000th order! 

We'd like to thank our loyal customers and the gaming community as a whole for helping to make us who we are!  With over 25,000 iTargets in circulation in 19 countries, the world is a better place with iTargets at your side.  Our friends in Canada, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Japan, China, Romania, Norway, Argentina, India, and Italy are all part of the iTarget world!

We strive day in and day out to provide cutting edge designs at affordable prices.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve out products.


iTarget Designs