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iTarget / Cut-N-Kill Screen Target Review

Posted by iTarget Designs on November 24, 2011 at 9:35 PM

iTarget Screen Target / Cut-N-Kill Screen Targets Review

First look: iTarget Screen Targets

December 21, 2011

I must say, when I was first contacted by iTarget to reviewtheir product…the whole concept of improving my game play using “ScreenCrosshair Decals” seemed very unbelievable and far-fetched.

However, I am pleasantly surprised by the usefulness of thisproduct, and the general quality and thought that went into designing thisproduct. 

I was sent two different products to try: the iTarget “AllFront Collection”, which is 16 targets in 4 different designs and 4 differentsizes: 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 2.5 inch…and the Cut-N-Kill 9 pack, whichis nine 1” targets in a wide variety of designs.

First, I decided to try out the iTarget “All FrontCollection”.  iTarget custom sizes theirtargets for a variety of screen sizes.  Isee now why they do this.  On my preferredTV, my 55” Samsung LED HDTV, the 2” and 2.5” size targets were perfect.  I decided to play some Gears of War 3.  I was interested to see how this wouldenhance my gameplay with the Gnasher shotgun since hipfire is the name of my gameat close range.   I selected the “hot box”target…a square target with red and grey. To set up the targets in the properposition on screen, I walked up to a wall and hipfired to lay some pellets intothe wall.  This left a nice pattern toplace my target over.  You only do thiswith the gnasher, since it does not hipfire where the crosshairs line up.  If you prefer hard aiming, try the targets overthe crosshair.

Ok so on to battle. The iTarget take a little getting used to at first.  They are neither obstructive nor unnoticeable…rathera nice blend of “I see them when I need to, but forget their there when I don’tneed them”.  When in roadie run, theykept tucked under my character on screen, but once out of roadie, the crosshairappears perfectly in the hipfire location of the gnasher.  I bounced around a lot the first few games indifferent scenarios trying different techniques to see what worked best.  Ultimately, I found that in close to mediumrange battles, the benefit of the crosshair is HUGE.  I’ve become a bit of a “wall-bouncer” latelyin Gears of War, and this is an unbelievable mod for this technique.  The wall-bounching technique combined with anin-game crosshair is easily the best way to learn, and master thistechnique.  If you are just a casualgamer and wants to step up their gnasher accuracy, this works equally well injuke side to side shotgun battles.

I then decided to try some of the other designs with thelancer and hammerburst.  This time, I zoomedmy weapon, placed the target over the crosshair, and released my zoom.  I found this to also be a great advantagewhen in close range “wall cover” stand offs. You can line up your shot first before pressing zoom.  Once you zoom, you come out of cover andusually are more likely to take damage. 

I picked up a sniper rifle once or twice, but had no successwith any headshots.  I could see this tohelp with this weapon too, but didn’t have the time to try it.

The Cut-N-Kill targets are very similar but smaller.  I’d say these are great up to about a 32” TV,maybe bigger if you sit close to the TV. They are easy to cut out and place in the same manner as the iTargets.  They come in a variety of styles andcolors.  The color schemes are great fordifferent backgrounds and lighting.  Redtargets work well in pretty much all situations, including bluish night scenesand and natural grassy maps but then a blue or green target works well in snowand industrial setting.  So choosewisely.

I should also note that you could layer two smaller targetsto have one crosshair for each type of weapon at the same time on screen.  This technique works with any of the targetsespecially on gears of war.

Removal of the targets is simple, I just slid the backingpaper under the edge of the target to reveal the edge and it easily peeledoff.  I shut off my screen to check forany residue and the only thing left behind was my fingerprints from clumsilytouching my screen during the application process.  The targets left nothing behind.  I placed them back on the backing paper andinto the baggie supplied.  Simple.

Than being said I have one small criticism of this productthat is easily corrected by us at home. It was hard to line up the targets so no edge was exposed when placingthem back on the paper for storage.  Isuggest simply cutting a small edge off a corner of the target (there is asmall amount of negative space around the targets you can do this with and notdisturb the design).  It is easy now toline up the target edge on the backing paper.

In conclusion, I must say the iTarget Screen Targets are a surprisepositive experience for me.  For under$10.00 you can pick these up and at least give them a try…I mean I spent $20.00on weapon skins off eBay last week that I don’t think anyone but me cares about…so$10.00 to potentially increase my skill is well worth the investment IMO.  If they don’t work for you, you can alwaysuse them as decorative decal for your controller, console, iPod or schoolnotebook or binder.


Have fun,





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