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Quotes I must admit that I was very skeptical of this product when ordered it. Boy was I wrong, my kill average increased by almost 50% consistently from the first time I used these targets. I?m now kicking myself for waiting so long, great product iTarget! Quotes
Temba, his eyes opened

Quotes Well, all i can say is now i'm accused of cheating all time by my victims so yes these work as advertised. LOL Quotes

Quotes I immediatly received hate messages from recently shot foes once using iTargets--BUY THESE NOW! Quotes

Quotes These are AMAZING! Tried other brands...theirs are WAY too small. Quotes
eBay Member: snipereyeguy
Satisfied iTarget Customer

Quotes Was what it was. Thanks. Quotes

Quotes Third brand of screen targets I've bought. Highest quality hands down. Would recommend! Quotes
eBay member: xboxlivegames

Quotes OMG iTarget where have you been all my life! Instant rise in my K/D ratio! YES! Quotes

Quotes I think these are cool once you get used to them Quotes

Quotes Very impressed with the product. Love getting one shot kills all day using iTargets. Quotes

Quotes I been using the itargets for like three months man my kill death ratio neva look so good. Where tha forum at? Quotes
A gears of war GOD
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