FPS Screen Targets

ANNIHILATE the Competition!

                    How will iTargets help my gameplay?

1.    Blind-fire and Hip Fire with Deadly Accuracy

Imaging the advantages of shooting without pressing aim; when you aim, your character stops moving or slows down greatly making you vulnerable to taking damage.  iTargets Eliminate your vulnerability and still allow for a accurate, deadly shot!


 2.     No Scope and Quick Scope enemies at any distance

You've heard about the controversy surrounding Quick-Scope...now embrace it.  You can have a headshot completely lined up without even using your scope, even while in full cover...then click and boom!  The best part it, your enemy will not know how you did it!

  Only you know you are using iTargets!

  3.     Pre-Target Incoming enemies while in full cover

Advantage #3; pre-target enemies in full cover.  Image yourself, standing behind a wall or barrier; you enemy is in your iTarget Crosshair, but he can't see you!  Slide out of cover and BOOM!  Annihilate the Competition!


4.     Run and gun without the usual 1.2 second aim delay 

We have yet to find a game where you can run and aim at the same time, well...iTargets allow you to do this.  A target on your screen at all times is the ONLY way to run-and-gun.

 5.      Blind melee and blind lob ballistics

Melee is essential to the skilled player.  Most  game developers are disabling auto-aim on their melee mechanics.  Take this feature back with iTargets!

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