FPS Screen Targets

ANNIHILATE the Competition!

                            About iTarget Screen Targets                           

 iTargets are removable, reusable, non detectable aim-assist decals for all First Person type shooter games that are placed over your in game cross hair while zoomed in, and stay in that spot even while you are not pressing aim!  iTargets will help you:
*Quick scope and No Scope like a pro!
*Achieve quicker reaction times when targeting enemies!
*Blind Fire and Hip Fire without pressing aim!
*Pre Target enemies while behind walls and while in cover!
*Blind melee and blind lob ballistics and explosives!
Rapid fire controllers were the revolutionary mod for games from 2008-2010...screen targets are becoming the new choice mod for 2011!  Paired with a rapid fire controller, you will be more deadly than ever!
iTargets are fully transparent to allow them to literally "glow" with action from the game. 
iTargets are constructed with durable ULTRA cling paper and colored with a cutting edge laser engraving printer to provide you with a fully transparent, durable screen target that won't damage your TV!  Remove and reuse over and over! 

 Remember, thousands of gamers are leveling the playing field with iTargets...what are you waiting for?  We aren't kidding, click the box below to see our product reviews from our eBay buyers!


We are so confident you'll love your iTargets that we have a 100% money back guarantee...not happy with your purchase?  Return the item for a full refund!  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!